IRIS™ - Integrated Rainwater Irrigation System

Why Choose Iris™?
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Cost effective solution
  • Best choice for gardens and flowerbeds
IRIS™ by Preservation Texas is an affordable, reliable and incredibly easy to use rainwater harvesting package. In a three-step process, water is collected, pressurized, and pumped to your gardens and flowerbeds via a drip irrigation system.
IRIS™ is a completely automated system. A timer turns the system on and off. Drip irrigation heads are interchangeable so you can control exactly how much water your plants receive. One key innovation is IRIS's city or well water connection. (Hence the term "integrated.") Should the system run low on rainwater, IRIS™ automatically switches to municipal or well water, adding a few gallons of water at a time.
IRIS™ runs virtually maintenance free. Completely automated with two sensors, the system is designed for reliability and minimal human interaction.

IRIS™ vs. Traditional Rainbarrels
Fact:  A one inch rainfall generates 600 gallons of water per 1000 square feet of roof!

It's your water - capture it!
We've all seen those small 55 gallon drums. Plastic, metal, or some that even come as a faux terra cotta. About the only thing that they have in common with IRIS™ is that they hold water - but not much! IRIS™ is a hands-free, completely automated system. Preservation Texas starts with a 300 gallon tank. We can go much larger or connect multiple tanks.  Plastic, corrugated metal, or paintable fiberglass are all options. Want an old fashioned wooden tank? We can install that too!
You'll have healthy plants all year long with the IRIS™ installed at your home. It goes above and beyond a simple rainbarrel.  It moves the water directly to your plants - right where it needs to go!  
The pumphouse saves you time and labor. A small pump and pressure tank takes care of delivering the water. The pumphouse delivers water under suitable pressure to effectively run your drip irrigation system.
This looks great, but it doesn't hold much and how about getting the water to your garden?

Rainwater and Drip Irrigation - A Smart Decision!
  • Healthier for plants
  • No chemicals
  • Efficient
When it comes to keeping your plants healthy and happy, nothing is better than rainwater! During a rainfall, the water naturally picks up nitrogen from the atmosphere. A key constituent of chlorophyll, nitrogen is also a fertilizer helping keep your plants green and healthy.
Rainwater is also slight more acidic and more oxygenated than tap water, which is better for your plants.  Unlike tap water, there are no salts, chlorine, or flouride in rainwater. Of course, the best part of rainwater is that it is free!
Drip irrigation, or micro-irrigation, is the most efficient way to water your plants. Nozzles deliver a gentle stream of water directly to the root system with little runoff or evaporation. Plants watered at the base are less disease prone too! Drip irrigation systems feature interchangeable nozzles, allowing you to regulate how much water each plant receives.

IRIS™ Components 
Fact: Austin gets about 32 inches of rain a year!
The first step in IRIS™ is to collect the rainwater. Tanks come in many sizes and materials. A base package includes a 300 gallon high density polyethelene tank. Larger tanks up to 2500 gallons are also available, and multiple tanks can be connected into one system. Other tank options include fiberglass, which is paintable, and corrugated metal. Wooden tanks are still manufactured, although it might be easier to go with plastic and build a wooden structure around it. A stone wall may help with a cistern-like appearance too.
Whichever tank you choose, systems are modular. You might want to start with a 300 gallon tank and add another 300 gallon tank in the future.  Keep in mind that the roof on a 2000 square foot one story house can collect over 35,000 gallons of water a year!
Located inside the tank is a sensor and valve. When the water level falls to a certain level, the system switches to city or well water.  A second sensor shuts off the pump if there is no water in the tank.
The pumphouse contains the pump, a pressure tank, and the timer. The pressure tank is critical to provide adequate water pressure to a drip irrigation system. The timer is programmable.  You can set the days of the week, frequency, and length of water cycle.  
Pump options are 115V AC or a DC pump.  If an electric outlet is not available or desired, a solar panel and battery can be installed to tun your system.
Photo at right:  The pump rests on top of the pressure tank.
IRIS™ is designed to connect to your drip irrigation system for gardens and flowerbeds.  Preservation Texas is a licensed irrigator and can install one for you.