IRIS™ - A Professionally Designed Solution

Delivering rainwater directly to your gardens and flowerbeds
Introducing IRIS™ - Integrated Rainwater Irrigation System
With IRIS™, you have a hands-free and worry-free way to make sure your gardens and flowerbeds are automatically watered - utilizing mother nature's best resource - rainwater!

  • Completely automated system
  • Collects and utilizes rainwater first
  • Automatically switches to tap water if needed
  • Connects directly to a drip irrigation system for maximum efficiency
  • Your plants are healthier and happier with rainwater!

IRIS™ - A Better Solution

We all know that plants love rainwater - it's better for them! Now you can collect rainwater and automatically water your gardens and flowerbeds through a drip irrigation system.

IRIS™ is designed for ease-of-use, reliability, and affordability. The system is completely automated. A timer controls when and how often you water. Drip irrigation is the most efficient use of water - saving you money. The best part is that rainwater is free!

Worry-free - IRIS™ automatically switches to municipal (tap) or well water if your rainwater supply is running low. In periods of extreme drought, your plants will get the water they need!

Preservation Texas custom designs and installs each IRIS™.  We can even install a drip irrigation system for you.  Contact us today to learn more.

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Traditional rainbarrels are not very practical.  They are limited in capacity and require manual labor to get the water where it needs to go - your plants!

Contact Preservation Texas to set up a free on-site consultation for a complete solution - IRIS™.

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